How To Apply For Jogoya VIP Membership ?

如何申请?  How to become a Member ?

-凡在本店以 RM1488.00 / RM1518.00 购买会员配套, 则可享有:
Sign up for JOGOYA VIP Package RM1488.00 / RM1518.00 and you can get:

1. 会员卡
Jogoya member card.

2. 现金卷  RM1270
Cash voucher worth  RM1270.

3. 上閤屋精美环保筷两对
TWO pairs of Jogoya Chopsticks.

4. 会员可选:
Member can choose either one of the followings:
A. 上閣屋紅酒5瓶
JOGOYA Red Wine ( 5 Bottles )

B. CHOYA 梅酒2瓶
Choya Umeshu  ( 2 Bottles )

还可享有以 RM1换取 1 积分来换取赠品。
Become a VIP Member can enjoy a VIP cuisine.
What more? For every RM1 spending is consider 1 point,
Your accumulated point will reward you for a special gift.