Introduction to Jogoya!

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Introduction to Jogoya

Established in the year 1990, Jogoya today has a history of nearly two decades. Starting from a small-scaled stall business, Jogoya currently consist a chain of 7 restaurants altogether.

In 2004, we officially opened our first Japanese fine cuisine restaurant to bring the best of Japanese cuisine to the people in Taiwan. These milestones had proven how hard our owner, Mr. Chiang Cheng Nan worked in order to achieve success.

Mr. Chiang is a very dedicated person in managing his business; he uses himself as his employees’ example and always insisted on his own philosophy. He always tells people to employ trusted people and never let people that they do not trust work under them.
Under his leadership, all his company employees were able to work as a team and that was the key success of Jogoya.

Every customer that comes to Jogoya is served with the best service and highest quality of food, leaving an excellent impression in their mind. Since being established, Jogoya has been trusted by consumers because of its diverse choices of dishes, the freshness of food, reasonable price and its rapid services.

Now, we are one of the best food company in Taiwan, our business does not only consist of Japanese cuisine restaurants but also has business in other industries such as food ingredients and cutleries supply. Besides, sighting the wide Taiwanese market, Jogoya had set up their first fine Japanese cuisine restaurant as the second brand of the company.

With the establishment of this restaurant, we decided to start exploring the fine cuisine industry. At the same time, we are looking for business opportunity overseas.

After serious consideration, we set our first overseas business target in South-East Asia and our successful first Japanese buffet restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was our first step of exploring overseas market.

We also plan to expand to the American and European market in the near future. When this planning comes true, Jogoya will be a worldwide restaurant company and will set us in the history of Taiwan’s food and beverage industry.

jogoya old entrance

The Story of Jogoya


Starting from a small street side stall to operating a cluster of 7 restaurants today, the owner of Jogoya Japanese Buffet Restaurant, Mr. Chiang Cheng Nan, created his own history. Jogoya today can be described as a legacy in the food and beverage industry.

About a decade ago, an opportunity struck when Mr. Jiang visited his relative’s food stall located at the North Port of Yun Ling with the intention to learn about business. Although the stall was quite small, there was a vast variety of items sold there.

Popular Japanese dishes such as sushi, sashimi, grill, udon and many other delicacies were sold there. Business was good everyday and people started queuing up in front of the stall even before it opened; but the owner of the stall never increased the price.

He would rather spend the profit from the business on increasing the quality of food or improving the welfare of his employees. His kindness and generosity had laid the foundation of Mr. Jiang’s success today.

Then, Mr. Chiang started his own business with his skills learned from his relative and a very small business capital. Within a short period, he gained his customers’ trust and soon began to develop into the Jogoya restaurants seen today.

We serve our customers with the highest food quality and provide excellent services. That is why every time when customers come, they are willing to wait patiently outside the restaurant. When first established, Jogoya used the usual a la carte ordering system.

However, with time passing and changing customers’ demands and needs, we transformed ourselves into a buffet style Japanese cuisine restaurant. Once launched, we received overwhelming response from the public.

Wide variety of dishes, fresh foods, reasonable pricing and rapid services had led to customers queuing up outside the restaurant daily and changed the landscape of the restaurant business.

Although we emphasize on the food, other necessary factors such as the environment, the accessibility and other facilities were not neglected at the same time. The strategic location, accessibility of transport, interior design, atmosphere and lots more are the ideal blueprint in our mind and at the same time the attraction of a non-stop stream of customers.



Jogoya’s Mission

Starting from a small street side stall to operating a cluster of 7 restaurants today, the owner of Jogoya Japanese Buffet Restaurant, Mr. Jiang Zheng Nan, created his own history. Jogoya today can be described as a legacy in the food and beverage industry.

Jogoya is always looking forward to your patronage and to serve you just like you are our family member returning home for meal. We are only worried if you do not like our food or are unsatisfied with our dishes but we are absolutely not afraid if you eat too much.

We hope that our delicious food can become a discussion topic between people. We also hope that tasty food can be people’s second communication language and continuously inspire people.

We hope that our delicious food can become a discussion topic between people. We also hope that tasty food can be people’s second communication language and continuously inspire people.

People from the agricultural times lived a rather simple life, their desire for food was very simple, the simpler the better. Eating in a restaurant at that time gave people a first impression of luxury. However, the cost of running a restaurant that time was low while the profits were high.

It made consumer thinks that eating out cost too much compared to home cooking. That is why almost every mother and grandmother could cook very well in the old days.

Every time when a festive day such as Mothers’ Day arrived, it should be a day where children let their mother rest and enjoy but on the contrary, they were extremely busy preparing home cooked food for their loved ones on these days. It was such an ironical phenomenon to the actual concept of festive days.

Today, the growth in the world’s economy has enable us, the second generation to be able to afford inviting people to high class restaurants in order to show our sincerity, though spending money can only buy a limited sincerity.

Now, we do not need to spend a lot of money to impress people anymore. Coming to Jogoya does not only gives you and your guest a good impression but at the same time allowing you to enjoy delicious cuisines.

Our main hope and aim is to build a cuisine empire. At Jogoya, we provide you with quality food of diverse choices at reasonable prices. This will prevent customers from feeling burdened and let them feel that they paid for a valued service.

Only through this way, our food can be classified as truly delicious. Tasty food at reasonable price, only at Jogoya.



Words from Jogoya’s Founder

I have been to Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan and Las Vegas; and I have tried out the best known buffet restaurant in these countries but I still felt proud about Taiwan.

Jogoya’s Founder:

Chiang Cheng Nan



This is because whether it is about premises, services or food,

Taiwan has a group of operators in the food industry that are passionate and are always improving themselves.

Those people who had never been to Jogoya would think that the last restaurant they visited was very good. After visiting Jogoya and comparing, they would find out that the experience from dining in Jogoya well exceeds all expectations.

Actually, operating restaurants is not only my specialty but it is my passion. It seems like I am fated to specialise in operating restaurant. Although it was not always a bed of roses, after every night, I would always find new courage to solve problems one by one.

Before I established my restaurant, I had never agreed with the way people operate food business. I always thought that running a restaurant has a large room for creativity while other operators always stated their difficulty or blamed various factors for their unsuccessful trial.

If we can concentrate more, think more and learn more, change ourselves, meet consumer’s requirements and do what people can’t do, that is considered as innovation. At Jogoya, we believe that customers can feel our sincerity through the many things that we have done for them.

Learning is just like rowing a boat against the current, if you don’t advance yourself, you will be washed away. Operating restaurant is just the same, if you do not improve, you will lose your customers.

Recalling the memories of opening my first restaurant, I was very satisfied that time but later when I opened my second and third branch, then only I knew there was still a large room for improvement.

In the future, Jogoya will not only do what is necessary but we will do what the customers like and what we think that is beneficial to customers. Even though it may not be easy, we will still try and correct our mistakes.

Lastly, please look forward to our management in bringing pleasant surprises in our future business opening.

Jogoya’s Founder,

Jogoya Malaysia


Since its opening in January 2006, Jogoya’s flagship Japanese buffet restaurant on the Relish Floor of Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur has attracted more than 1 million customers. With a large area of nearly 30000 square feet, Jogoya buffet restaurant in Kuala Lumpur can accommodate up to 580 guests at a time.

The whole interior design is made based on the ‘flowing’ concept and has a variety of dining area such as the disclosed area, semi-disclosed, private seats for couples and the VIP rooms.

Using the highest quality of ingredients (No Pork), the creative and skilled chefs at Jogoya have prepared more than 200 dishes of different style like Chinese, Western, Japanese, Malaysian and a lot of other styles. This has made Jogoya an irresistible place to enjoy delicious cuisines.

Recently, we have added Haagen-Dazs ice-creams to our dessert menu as we want to serve you the best quality ice-creams. Besides, we also provides unlimited liquor such as wines and cocktails and you do not need to pay extra for it.

In May 2008, we have also introduced a new recipe from Taiwan, the hot porcelain grill. This recipe uses the accumulated heat in the porcelain to continuously grill the meat on the porcelain slowly to its cooked tender state while at the same time let the meat absorb the taste of the sauce slowly.

This ancient way of cooking passed from generation to generation is the perfect way to seal the taste of meat, enabling you to enjoy the most original taste of the meat. This is an experience that you must try and it is currently only available at Jogoya.

When you come to Jogoya, you will find that there are a few silvery little clips on every table. It’s not for decoration but actually it is a special way to order your food.

You only have to drop the clip into bowls found in front of dish samples you wish to try and our chef will prepare the dish for you. A simple yet creative way to order your food served fresh.

So come to Jogoya K.L today and enjoy all the delicious food served here. We guarantee you a wonderful dining experience!

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